As an opinion leader Ozer performs as advisor to business leaders and social figures. She also performs as ghost writer and speech coach. A Journalist, a writer she is also active columnist for media publications. Further she delivers speeches on corporate communication.

Ozer’s consultancy sessions are in person and/or digital, as prefered, covering topics such as crisis communication, communication skills for leaders and sustainable communication efforts.  She is experienced in content management and has extensively provided consultancy in crisis and risk management. Ozer provides “media relations trainings” with realtime simulations. She is also accredited to international training programmes and organizations. Özer has extensive experience with Turkish companies, multinationals, government and non-profit organizations.

Corporate Communication

Communications is a never-ending challenge for corporations.  Like many other fields, corporate leaders are expected to be wizards in communication. It may seem the opposite, yet there is no chance for solo performance, communication needs to be in harmony with all the stake holders and corporate departments alligned. While working with spokesperson/s, Özer stresses the importance of an orchestrated performance, and works on building engagement between supportive departments. Özer, while formulating a unique touch for each organization blends her journalistic practice with corporate expertese.


The consultancy service for business leaders, focuses on image building and management designed to build a story with strong content. Yaprak Özer offers personalized sessions to master communication, building brand for leaders and not to be missunderstood by the target audience.

Story telling is a journey. A meticulous work is carried out on the elements that make a person, who he/she is; intellectual capital, social presence, wealth of hobbies…  The style of conveying messages is unique, remembering  that time changes fast. Inventing oneself is a never ending journey.


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