About Yaprak Özer


Özer in her early career was a Journalist. She in time developed her career as an author and producer. Özer while pursuing media role as reporter, editor, TV producer and presenter. established network in the business community. Her late experience as  serving term President of the business platform Propeller Club, Port of Istanbul, shows her connections.

After a successful career in the Turkish media, she established her private business, Indeks Content Communication Consultancy (2001), followed by the Indeks Speaker Agency (2003).

Özer provides consultancy services for business leaders, and media trainings on a diverse range of topics such as sustainable communication, crisis management, image building, speech coaching, also performs as ghost writer.

She is active in media; as a columnist with Ekonomim Gazetesi, she writes a weekly column. She is also active  on YaprakOzer Media platforms.

During her media career and later she was selected for professional roles and given academic , appreciation, too. To name a few; “Global Leader For Tomorrow” by World Economic Forum; “NATO Research Fellow” by North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Press Fellowship by Alfred Friendly Press Fellowship…

She has published 6 books.

Yaprak Özer