In the corporate world, “media relations training” is often seen as crisis management. Whenever a crisis hits, organizations or individuals turn to Media Relations Training, believing it is a savior. This training in times of crisis or after is a reaction. Most of the times it is too late. Corporations need proactive methods and sustainable efforts.

Corporate spokespersons, managers and representatives of institutions that communicate with the public, government or other bodies of internal or international buraucracy need to act with integrity under corporate responsabilities. The balance is the art of communication. Özer, provides personalized training programmes. Trainings provide, simulation-supported programmes, tailored to the institution or person.

Useful Q’s

  • What exactly is your expectations from communication?
  • Is your corporate communication policy in line with your expectations?
  • Are you on the same page with the other opion or decision makers in the corporation?
  • Are you comfortable to respond to unexpected questions?
  • Do you know what to do in a crisis?
  • Do you value risk management?
  • Are you comfortable with your image? Should you bury or built it?
  • Have you planned where, how, and how often your voice should be heard, and you should be seen?
  • What is the impact of your communication policies?
  • Do you think your tone of communication is relevant…
  • Are you the spokes person, should you be?
  • Do you have a defined role?
  • What should you convey in your messages?
  • How well do you know your audience?